Niche Real Estate Agents & References

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Find an agent who the knowledge about the specific city or town you choose to live in. Knowledge in the state is not enough; he or she has to be specific with the place they are selling. Most agents handle multiple accounts, especially if they work for a large real estate agency.

If you’re ever in the position to be applying for a loan, whether as a Realtor or consumer, it’s best to check your free credit score or report first, so you know what kind of score you have before you negotiate your loan – this information will empower you.

This is especially crucial if you plan to buy in the Metropolitan areas of Arizona such Phoenix , Anthem or Tollison. Therefore, it is also important to do your own research to be able to ask them efficiently the specific features of the place.

  • A sign of an excellent real estate agent—especially if you are buying a home for the first time—is his experience in the complexity of the buy and sell process, which includes the demand for loans and money lending. A good agent must have connection with banks who can help you in paying your new home.
  • If you are doing you search online, make sure to do it credible listing sites such as MSN. In today’s web based market, no matter how big or small the agency is, it is crucial that they have a photo of the property online.


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Reviewing and Researching Local AZ Agents

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Once you are done reviewing  the ADRE and finished sorting out some prospect agents, here are some other tips in finding a good real estate agent in Arizona:

  • Good agents work on field, similar to a good medical assistant. In order for you to find a good Arizona Real Agent, make sure to meet them personally not at their offices. A great place to meet them is at open houses.
  • Check on the agent’s record. How many properties did he or she close in the recent years? In an average, agents in Arizona close one to two houses or condos annually. This should be your basis in finding a good agent that can foster a new home in Arizona.
  • Find a relative a friend who lives in Arizona who has worked with a particular agent. This will help you get a better review of the agent’s record.


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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Arizona

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Before you plan to find an agent, it is important that you first visit, read, and understand Arizona Department of Real Estate’s (ADRE) website found at The website will provide you valuable information about helpful to both the public and the real estate industry, which includes information about consumers, applicants, developers, and many more.

Getting to know other financial firms is a great way to build relationships and expand your real estate network. GCBA Wealth & Financial is an Arizona-based firm. GCBA helps individuals retire early, utilize different IRS-approved retirement exceptions, and more. Learn more about them today.

Getting a look and research on the department’s website is crucial because it serves as the governing body that oversees activities related to licensing, complaints, about the real estate industry in Arizona, Moreover, the ADRE also sees the regulation of the sale of properties such as land, subdivision, shares, and other real estate properties.

Just like universities and schools have regulations, the same applies for real estate agents – although a medical billing and coding site like RisoTech can hook you up with information, it’s important to do your own research on medical coding jobs from home, or the actual medical coding training – you have to know the first step in the process before taking it.


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Arizona Real Estate Today

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The latest trend in Arizona’s real estate industry indicates that the prices of buyers and sellers have leveled equally as the value of properties have shifted due to the modern economic climate. Similar to products like keyless entry remotes and keys, trends and patterns are always occurring.

According to the recent data as of 2011-2012, the normal prices of condominiums or townhouses in the state increased from $154,000 to $159,000.  On the other hand, homes have shifted a lower curve from of $345,000 to $343,000 in the metropolitan area of the State.

Arizona offers a diverse community for different types of people, whether they are single or with a family. Listed below are top 5 cities in Arizona, specifically suited for singles or those who have families with them.


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Brief History of Real Estate in Arizona

Understanding the unique landscape of the Arizona Real Estate market can be time consuming and challenging. Finding a local group is key, especially when it’s made up of realtors from Arizona. We recommend as one of the top groups within Maricopa county.

Arizona has a long tale of history, which dates back in 1539. Once a part of Mexico, the territory has found its way to progress as people have began to appreciate its potential economy, which was based initially on the production local commodities such as cattle, cotton, citrus and copper. Its remarkable growth, however, began in the 1940s as people started to invest on the land because of its comfortable weather and low cost of living.

The growth of Arizona’s real estate industry began not until the 1860s to 1900s when a businessperson named Jennie Bauters operated a “business” by offering buildings in the area. With her early appreciation for real estate, she started influencing people to build buildings and houses that were either for rent or for sale for tourist, investors, and residents who were interested in the land.

However, the booming of real estate in Arizona began as retirement communities had become a trend.  Because of the locales’ warm winters and low cost of living, the place attracted retirees to live there while taking with them their pension and savings.


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